October 1, 2007

11 Final Presentation Day

Last Monday September 24th, we had our final presentation of the six projects design for Baan Leam Tong Community and Resource Center at INDA studio.

Aslo we had several guests: A group of students and teachers from Regent International School, Pattaya led by Paul Crouch; Eddy Buranakul, the president of Far Diow Foundation; Tong and Go the architects who went over to Phi Phi Island with us for the workshop on their own expenses; my T.A. Sorawit, Isara and Namkhang; Deaw, an architect from DBALP.

Actually since early afternoon, the Regent school group, Eddy and myself had a meeting to set up all the prodedures to move the project on. Also Paul will go for a meeting of Round Square in India early this month, he will also have to present the project.

The presentation began arond 4:30 pm.

Joe, Hin, Toey and Pao on their 'Hammock' Project.

The audiences from Regent International School participated a lot on asking questions. As non-archiecture major students, they were able to come up with very precise and practical questions ! Very impressive indeed.

Deaw inspecting the model of Hammock Project.

Eddy gave some comments.

Meth, Ta, Sai and Tip explained their project.

Kwang, Bee, Joke, Pan and Mya showed their Water Pipe Project.

Oil, Praw, Nam and Prae presented their Prefabricated Modular idea.

Benz, Zing, Tool and Name and their Water Collector Project.

The model of Fam, Fern, Chompoo and Pam.

Paul was taping the presentation.

We finished around 7:30 pm. and had happy dinner altogether before the Regent Team head back to Pattaya.

Finally we have not yet made the final decision yet on which project we are going to choose. Most likely it will be one main project and then we will integrate good ideas from the other projects. Let's see.

Soon we will update you all the final presentation here.