August 3, 2012

28 Update from This Morning @ 03 Aug 2012

Khun Poo, Jantima, just sent some updated photos this morning. Tomorrow will be a big day - a meeting between all the parties involved in the project: Regent International School, Baan Leam Thong School, the local authorities and so on. Unfortunately, I, as a representative of Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University and all(zone) could not make it this time. Most likely we will try to be there next weekend.

27 The Construction is still going on @ January 2012

We did not update the blog for quite sometimes. A lot of problems with the construction, since Phi Phi Island is not the easiest place to have labourers as well as construction materials. But it is still rolling on slowly. Thanks to such as strong commitment from Khun Poo, Jantima Kulkrit and Paul Crouch of Regent International School as well as the Round Square people. Here are photos of the construction at January 2012.