August 6, 2007

05 the 1st day workshop @ phi phi island: 27 july 2007

On Arrival

Finally we all go to Phi Phi Island for the workshop (27 July - 2 August). Actually we still have few more lessons we had before we go to the island that we should documentate on the blog, but we are now still very excited from the trip and the workshop. So let's get through it before we forget the details!

We started our trip on Friday 27 July...Some of us flew in the morning to Krabi, some (including myself) arrived Krabi in the evening, while the rest took a night bus from Bangkok and arrived the next day in the morning...

The day was not much. We went to have dinner on the street venders next to Krabi river where it used to be a ferry pier. We had some local 'Kanom Jean' - some kind of Thai noodle with curry source in southern style, extremely good indeed.

On the street vender area, we found this intelligent solution for the canvas canopy of a noodle shop - to keep it from the very strong winds by the bottles of water! Simple but intelligent.

Then another vender, he served hot and cold dessert in a cup that big enough to be a bowl...something in between. Besides, the desserts are very good there too. :)