August 13, 2007

08 the 4th day workshop @ phi phi island: 30 july 2007

The Site Survey + Measurement

The day began with Fam, Fern, Pam and Chompu gave the brief to all of us to complete the detail measurement of the exact site where the project is going to be built. Because of the very complex contour and our lack of proper tools as well as measurement training, a lot of inventions and improvisations were here... But so far the students did well.

The fluorescent papers in the students' hands were the 'fill-in' sheets that Fam, Fern, Pam and Chompu were working all night long as a database structure for all of us.. thanks a lot.

The measurements began... Hin and Joe were using a sheet of paper as their 'perpendicular' tool. While Joke and Kwang were using water as a tool to keep their exact level..

Using a lot of rope and little poles as the marks.

Working and working and working...

Before noon, we got almost everything... the site with approximate contour lines.. :) great job!

Design Phase
The afternoon was free for all the students, but by 7 pm. of the evening, they were supposed to show up and present their first idea about the buildings... The really design phase began from here..

The students had the whole afternoon of the day (Mondat 30 July) and the whole day of Tuesday to work on their conceptual phase, then on Wednesday (1 Aug) they had to do 'one-to-one-scale model' at the site. Actualy it was not much time working.. Every evening we had a common review, and during the day we did a lot of group crit to develop the idea.

The one-to-one-scale model was a new thing to the students, it was the first time in their life that they had a chance to do. They prepared some materials from Bangkok without knowing how they project would be. Again, a lot of improvisation and inventions required here...

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