March 25, 2008

18 Working on Design Development Phase

Although we did not update our blog for about four months.. it is not that nothing has happened. In fact we have been working very hard.

After we finished the final presentation of the six schematic designs, the only team left with us are the six guys of the 4th year: Joe, Meth, Zing, Ta, Hin and Benz. We chose the Hammock scheme as the main design to be developed. Since it is the most compact scheme among the six, so that we would not need to cut more trees. Then we applied the idea of water tank and water collector from the other two schemes. While we still use the idea of semi-outdoor space under the trees. Many other ideas in every scheme were reconsidered and some were applied.

We had many brainstorming sessions during the past few months..

Pan kindly gave a construction drawing class for all the kids.

This is more or less the model of the design we use as our main design.

Then we began to work with the engineers: CM One. Somnuk and Somchai the structural engineers helped us a lot to realize the design development of the building. So far, we arrived to the state when we can begin a construction! Almost a construction drawings.. there are few details left to be solved.

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