November 24, 2007

12 Water Collector - final presentation 1/6

Benz, Zing, Name and Tool came up with this idea of a building that besides the required functions, it should be able to act as a rain water collector and preserve. Although presently, the school has several rain water preserve tanks, they are not enough to keep water to spend for the whole year. They began with the idea of big roofs that act as rain water collectors. When the rain water falls from one level to another, it could create a temporary wall. Also water tanks could be part of some walls of the building.

They got the idea from visiting the Sea Gypsy Village where the villagers just use simple metal sheet to get water from the roof into their simple containers.

The roof diagrams.

The mapping of the rain directions and contours of the site. Since the do not want to cut the big trees in the site, the only area where they can build the big roofs is only on the left part of the site.

The models during the design process.

The one-to-one scale model at the site.

The final planning of the project. The main space for all the training activities is a big space on the front part of the building, also a big roof to collect the most water for the building itself and the school. The small rooms on the back of the site are the guest rooms where the smaller roofs could collect water to be used within each unit.

The lower level of the building is simply toilet and water tanks.

The final model. The space in between the buildings is quite nice pleasant. Congratulations guys! You did quite a good job.