November 25, 2007

13 In Between the Trees - final presentation 2/6

Meth, Ta, Sai and Tip were interested in the space in-between the existing trees in the site. It is very nice and pleasant - they believe. Their idea is to create the space between the trees usable for some outdoor fuctions without too much interruptting the terrains. And then they want to have the building in the area where there is not tree at all, and create the building space similar to the space in between the trees. They like the very flexible, gentle and soft quality of it.

The began with studing the space at the site with their one-to-one scale model.

Then they keep developing their study of the space between the trees and the contour of the site.

The come up with a diagram of spatial relationship between the trees and the activties that could be places in between.
The contour could be fixed and extended to meet different kinds of activity.

The space for one person sitting is simplified as one square of 1 x 1 m. and can bee placed in different shapes in between the trees upon different activities.

The final model. The main space where most of the activities for training are the platforms in btween the trees. The guest rooms and the other indoor activites are scattering around in the same manner where there are not so many trees on the left side of the site.

The try to immitate somehow the similar kind of space in between the trees and the one with the guestrooms - the small holes in the roof that would let the trees inside grow, quite a nice space.

The buildings are disguised looking through the trees.