June 12, 2008

21 Goes on Bangkok Post: 10 June 2008

Good news about the project: the story of our project is printed on Bangkok Post two days ago!

Thanks to Dr Brandford Johnson of Bangkok Post, education section who has been following the project.

Here are some images of the latest development. Bangkok Post used some of them in the article. The computer rendering images are made by our computer guru, Pan - Isara Chanpoldee, in my office, allzone.

These are the last images we had on the development of the site after the group of Regent and Bermuda schools worked on in late March.

This is the last development of our support: as stated in the Bangkok Post article, we (Paul and Mike from Regent, Toey and Hin represented the students, Pan from allzone, and then myself) went for a meeting with Bluescope Steel two weeks ago. They promised to support us all the steel parts of the building, as well as helping us on the technical side of the project. Thanks to Khun Somkiate and Khun Pithan of Bluescope Steel.

This coming weekend, I will go to the site again with Pan, Khun Pu from Fah Diow and five students of mine (Chompu, Pam, Pao, Name and Tool) who are very excited about the project and can't wait until INDA next official visit in July. Will be many things to update then.

If you want to read more about the article in Bangkok Post it is HERE.

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