June 16, 2008

22 Progress on the construction

Last weekend, 14-15 June, I visited Phi Phi Island to check on the progress of our construction site. Pan and the other five INDA students (Pao, Name, Tool, Pam and Chompu) came along. Of course, we would not be there without Khun Pu Jantima.

We spent less than 24 hours on the island, since the complicated travelling route took most of the time - car, airplane, car, boat, boat :O....one leg of going there would take about 10 hours in total.

However, we were very happy to check the progress of the construction. The foundations are all done along with the plumbing system underneath. Then the beams of the ground floor are almost completed too.

The students from Regent International School along with the other students from four schools are coming this week to work on the floor and the columns. We will surely keep you updated. :-)

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