November 25, 2007

14 Hammock - final presentation 3/6

Joe, Hin, Toey and Pao were interested in the idea of a 'hammock'. Because of its ability to transform quickly a space and its function with a very simple act and technology. Moreover, it also signifies something relaxing and friendly. However, they accepted that the degree of temporarity and flexibility of an actual building is not actually so simple. There for they divided the project into two parts: the most compact building that houses the necessary interior functions (or when it rains), then the outdoor plateforms and roofs that would act more like a hammock. In the conceptual model you can see that the 'hammock-like' part is a kind of extension of the building into the trees.

Their working models when we were at Phi Phi island.

Their one-to-one-scale model was simply made out of two sheets of canvas brought randomly from Bangkok but they could communicate pretty much the idea.

The building is very compact, only one building. It takes advantages of the contour of the site that the main space of the building is extended from the main access from the school field which is higher than the left part, so the left part can house the functions being stacking into two levels - the lower part is kitchen, toilet, storage, the upper part is the bedrooms for the guests. The planning is very simple but they have spent a lot of time refining it.

The final model. Very compact and simple.

The path connect the bedrooms on the second level also helps to create a small courtyard where all kinds of training could be conducted too.

The back part of the building is not higher than the trees.

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