November 25, 2007

15 Meeting on the Route - final presentation 4/6

The project of Fam, Fern, Pam and Chompu - the super power girls. They came up with the idea about how external people who come to use this building would interact with the school and the locals. The are interested in how these kids in the small village would have a chance to learn and expose to the world.

The project proposed by Fah Diow Foundation is to have training sessions that could help the local kids to be able to live in their place with the super strong influences of the tourism industry.

The group work pretty much also on the site and how the building of our project would affect the overall site planning of the school. Our building should enable the school space to perform better, the believe. We all agree. Their analysis is quite interesting as well as the way the did their one-to-one scale model.

Finally here are their final project. The place where kids can mingle around with the people from the external world, the place where the school and the new building interlacing into the same network of routes and space.