November 25, 2007

16 Prefabricated Modular - final presentation 5/6

Another 4-girl group, Preaw, Oil, Pear and Nam. They began with the idea of making something simple and easy to build by something in modular system and also it could be able to pre-fabricated from a factory. So at the site, you just have to assemble everything to become a building They found fishing net quite interesting because while it is in a modular system, it is very flexible - so perhaps it can be used to accomodate with uneven slopes in the site.

The one-to-one-scale model made out of PET bottles, which is one of the biggest garbage around...They wanted to communicate this modular, pre-fabricated system and moreover, if possible, some recycle materials. The small space was cover by the so-called net structure by hanging.

After coming back from Phi Phi Island, they explored several structures to meet their concept of prefabricated and flexiblity.

The structure system that could become different architectural parts that could accommodate different activities.

Very nice and interesting models.

The most difficult part in their project is to map everything on to the site.

The final project.